Our Services

CIPAA Proceeding
  • CIPAA advisory and consultancy.
  • Plan and strategize the best approach for each case to maximize the success rate in adjudication.
  • Advise and assist client to prepare required and proceeding documents.
  • Study and analyze information, documents, research and prepare all necessary CIPAA proceeding documents such as Payment Claim,, Payment Response, Notice & Registration of Adjudication, Adjudication Claim, Adjudication Response,Adjudication Reply and/or other documents required.
  • Follow through the case from beginning until the Adjudication Decision.
Alternative Dispute Resolutions
  • Detailed claim study.
  • Arbitration/Litigation support.
  • Negotiations.
  • Claim support/advice.
  • Mediation support.
Construction Contract Advisory
  • Assist in contract execution including preparation of contract and variation claim, drafting of notice and/or letters.
  • Assist in documentation works to avoid potential disputes such as unreasonable back-charges, liquidated ascertained damaes and so on.
  • Assist in prevention of situation such as:
    1. client disputes and/or ignores your claim
    2. client dispute and/or ignore your variation order;
    3. delay payment, under-payment and/or non-payment;
    4. client reluctant to issue variation order; and
    5. delay on commencement/completion of work caused by other parties.
Adjudicator & Arbitrator
  • The parties in disputes may appoint our experienced and qualified CIPAA Adjudicator to adjudicate the disputes in pursuant to CIPAA provision.
  • The parties in disputes may appoint our experienced and qualified Arbitrator to arbitrate the disputes through Arbitration Act provision.

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Our team in CIPAACT SOLUTION SDN BHD consists of Adjudicators, Arbitrator, technical professionals, contract consultants, claim advisors, counsels and/or paralegals who are specialized in building, C&S, M&E, contract management & claim advisory, is delighted to provide our services and be your trusted consultant for your construction industry payment disputes.

Should you have any enquiry, kindly drop us a message via our Contact Us page.