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CIPA Act Adjudication
  • Company background search, CIPA Act Advise and Legal search.
  • Plan and strategize the best approach for the individual case and Maximizing Client’s success rate and Claim.
  • Advise and assist client to prepare required and proceeding documents.
  • Study, analysis the information, documents, research and prepare all necessary CIPA Act proceeding documents for Claimant like Payment Claim, Notice & Register of Adjudication, Adjudication Claim and Reply (Or for Respondent like Payment Response, Adjudication Response and etc).
  • Follow through the case from beginning until the Adjudication Decision.
CIPA Act Enforcement
  • Provide all advice under Construction Industries including drafting the Agreement or Contract Clause, Terms & Conditions.
  • Provide advice and service on others best Dispute Resolution like mediation, Arbitration and Litigation (if CIPAAct not suitable for your dispute)
  • Register CIPA Act Adjudication as High Court Judgement.
  • Enforcement of the CIPA Act Adjudication Decision
CIPA Act Adjudicator and Arbitrator
  • Parties in disputes to appoint our experience and qualified CIPA Act Adjudicator to Adjudicate the disputes through CIPA Act provision under parties appointment or by AIAC.
  • Parties in disputes to appoint our experience and qualified Arbitrator to Arbitrate the disputes through Arbitration provision under parties appointment or by AIAC or Malaysia Arbitration Association.
Project Claim Consultant
  • Advise to your Project Claim including preparing proper, corrected contract Claim and Variation Claim (VO), write effective and legal binding letters which strongly supporting your claim/case. (Appoint us as your Project Claim Consultant if you are experiencing situation as below during project execution):
    1.1 Client intentionally disputed or/and ignore your progress claim or
    1.2 Client intentionally disputed or/and ignore your Variation Orders (VO) or
    1.3 Long Delay Payment, Under Payment or Non-Payment or
    1.4 Client ignore or refuse to issue SI, EI or AI or revised drawing or
    1.5 Late handing over access or main contractor works had much delayed but insist subcontract to complete within the completion date of the original contract.
  • Prepare your complicate claim or claims
  • Prepare strong documents record to avoid complication like Back Charge and LAD

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We, the CIPA SOLUTION with certified and qualified Adjudicator, Arbitrator, and Engineer specialising in Buildings, M&E, others construction services and construction lawyers are delighted to provide our services to be your ultimate solution for construction industry payment.

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