Project Debt & Risk Management (PDRM) Partnership Program

Do you encounter these construction problems?

  • Uncertain of Client’s Company Background & Credit Info
  • Unsure of how to write letter(s) on construction problems/disputes
  • Unable to draft proper and legal binding documents (eg. Settlement Agreement)
  • No knowledge in writing a Letter of Demand*

Exclusive package for all Project, Debt & Risk Management (PDRM) Partners!

New prospect company background search via Experian (5 times half yearly, 10 times yearly)

– Financial strength
– Company status
– Bank charges
– Change of director / company address
– “Blacklisted” trade record reference
– Legal suits

Template Letters for Construction

– Tender / Quotation / VO – Cover Letter
– Commencement of Work
– Material Submission
– Request for Information / Inspection
– Request of Access to Work
– Application of EOT
– Denying Back charges / LAD
– Notice of Termination & Termination Letter
– Defect List / Handover of Work Done
– Others common standard template letters for Construction

Drafting of legal document & legal guide* (3 times half-yearly, 8 times yearly)

– Assignment and Novation of Contract
– Settlement Agreement
– Non-Disclosure Agreement
– Power of Attorney
– Transfer of Debts
– Undertaking Letter

Drafting, vetting or reviewing of Simple Construction Related Agreement (2 times half-yearly, 5 times yearly)

Issuing or responding to a Letter of Demand* or Notice of Payment (5 times half-yearly, 15 times yearly)

– Claim supported with Statement of Account

Free consultation on payment disputes

WhatsApp Group to provide advices on construction management, technical & legal issues*

Half-yearly (6 months)

RM3,000 - Save 50%!

One year (12 months)

RM5,000 - Save 50%!

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